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Rent Guarantee & Legal Protection

Even the best of tenants can fall upon hard times. No matter how good their payment history may be, and despite their best intentions to pay their rent, the future cannot be predicted.

Sudden illness or loss of employment can have an effect on any tenant, causing them to rapidly fall into heavy arrears.

We have teamed up with Rentguard, the market leaders in providing insurance solutions to the letting market, to provide you with Rent & Legal Protection cover that can be purchased for either 6 or 12 months policies.

This will provide you with cover for recovery of rent arrears, or costs associated with malicious damage or neglect by the tenant. It can also be used to cover legal expenses involved in evicting problem tenants or occupants living illegally on your property.

To take advantage of the competitive rates negotiated for Rent & Legal Protection cover, please click on the Rentguard logo below, or call us on 0161 772 3333.


*Rent Guarantee cover is subject to the terms & conditions that can be found on the Rentguard website, and may not be available for all tenants. Credit checks may have to be carried out as part of the cover and will incur additional costs.

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